Party Euronext November 13, 2014

Jacques Siret, President of the ONIDOL, Christophe Hemon, Chief Executive of LCH.Clearnet, Olivier Raevel, Materials Markets First Director of Euronext, and Baudouin Delforge President of SGBCP celebrated under the beautiful glass of the rotunda 20 years of the rapeseed   contract that was originally listed at auction in 1994 and announced the launch of rape complex and becoming the first exchange to offer a complete solution covering on rapeseed and rapeseed complex derivatives .This covers all of the supply chain of the industry and provides a solution to the increasing price volatility in oil and rapeseed meal. It will allow operators to manage the crush margin in its entirety. This offer meets the needs of European and international operators, and thus assists in the development of the bio-fuel industry and the increasing use of edible oils and rapeseed meal in animal feed.

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