AGRO PARIS BOURSE (General Union of the Paris Commodities Exchange) is an association composed of all French and European cereal industry.

Its role is to facilitate transactions, dialogue and the exchange of information between the various leading players in the grain sector (cereals, oilseeds and their derivatives), that it seeks to bring together by organising regular professional forums.

Thanks to its cross-professional positioning between the different business lines of the sector, the association represents forty professions involved not only in collecting grain, but also in its control, quality, transport, storage, handling, plant protection products, fertilizers and financial management.

Located at the very place of the former Wheat Market of the City of Paris, AGRO PARIS BOURSE therefore continues the mission of the Commodities Exchange of Paris, involved in the grain trade for 160 years.

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The grain sector has undergone profound changes in the past few years. Given the now structural increase in the volatility of the agricultural markets, the multiplication of stakeholders, the globalisation of trade and a paradoxical trend towards a concentration of supplies, the players must meet regularly and exchange information within frameworks that are both professional and user-friendly and sometimes decentralised. The sector's progress and competitiveness depend on it.

This is the true mission of the General Union of the Commodities Exchange of Paris, whose long history and solid network legitimise, in return, its role as the hub of the grain professions. Strong, active and omnipresent, we also centralise initiatives and new ideas, of which we must be both the prime movers and the proponents.

This huge responsibility goes beyond our borders. Because France is the continent's leading agricultural country, the General Union must be the place of convergence of the national European sectors which it must manage while strengthening its dynamism. It is by cultivating the qualities essential to its mission, efficiency and user-friendliness, that the General Union of the Commodities Exchange of Paris will continue to fulfil its role while at the same time preparing the sector for the challenges ahead.

This is what we want to continue to promote!!!


Located in the heart of Paris on the site of the former Grain Exchange, mythical venue and the city’s agricultural lung, the General Union has been the guarantor, for nearly 160 years, of Paris Commodities Exchange’s mission dedicated to Grain Trade.

Its activity never ceased to evolve since 1854 to promote agricultural modernisation and Grain Trade: from the futures contract traded at auction until the late 1980’s, to the Exchange sessions today organised several times a year, to ultimately international meetings gathering grain sector’s leaders.

  • 1854
    • Creation of the General Union of the Paris Commodities Exchange
  • 1889
    • Presence of the General Union at the Paris World Fair
  • 1960
    • Foundation of the European Consortium of Commodities Exchange
  • 1980
    • 20th Commodities Exchange of Paris
  • 1990
    • 30th Commodities Exchange of Paris
  • 1996
    • Election of Baudouin DELFORGE to the presidency of the Union A new Executive committee is set up taking into account all the different operators of the sector (Industry, collector, inspection, laboratory, etc.)
  • 2004
    • Organisation of the 44th European Grain Exchange Session in Paris
  • 2010
    • Organisation of the 1st « Grain Dinner » by the General Union
  • 2011
    • Organisation of the 2nd « Grain Dinner » by the General Union
  • 2012
    • The General Union has 350 member companies
  • 2013
    • 53rd European Commodities Exchange in Paris
  • 2014
    • 160th anniversary of the General Union
  • 2015
    • New identity: AGRO PARIS BOURSE

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